Armadillo is the first offshore flexible pipe repair solution which can be fitted subsea and moves with the pipe.

The offshore service industry offered no permanent repair systems designed specifically for flexible pipe outer sheaths – until Flexlife developed Armadillo.

Until then, the options were mainly confined to fitting steel clamps or basic tape-wrap fixes. Armadillo, which can be fitted subsea and is dynamic with the pipe, changed all that.

An innovation driven by subsea pipeline engineering surveys which repeatedly signalled that outer sheath damage posed the most significant risk to flexible pipe integrity, it requires virtually no subsea survey work at the point of damage as the tool is modular and can be built up to any length required.

More than that, it's a permanent solution that's much easier to seal than a traditional steel clamp – and it remains flexible without adding significant weight to the pipe.

Our unique corrosion mitigation product FlexGel™ was developed specifically to meet the needs of a North Sea client who enlisted our support to address a flexible pipe issue in a restricted area.

Our patented gel was deployed to displace sea water from an outer sheath breach and halt armour wire corrosion, illustrating its value and effectiveness in inaccessible areas.

In short, a proven option that underlines our problem-solving credentials.  

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