Armadillo is a permanent solution for repair of your subsea riser.
  • Innovative - and proven - solutions to help eliminate risk of early subsea riser failure
  • FlexGel™: our unique product which halts the corrosion process in key elements and extends subsea riser life
  • Armadillo: a permanent solution when the outer sheath has been damaged

I- or J-tubes are used as a means of routing subsea risers from the seabed to the platform in many offshore facilities. They provide robust physical protection for the conductors they hold – but can pose problems when it comes to inspection, maintenance or repair.

FlexGel™ has been developed in partnership with our chemical expert partners Aubin as an engineered solution, which can be tailored to meet your specific project requirements.

It’s a simple yet effective means of mitigating corrosion within I-tubes by displacing the sea water; in effect, by removing the oxygenated water associated with a splash zone environment.

The end result:

  • The replenishment of oxygen is halted
  • The corrosion process in your subsea riser can be mitigated
  • The operational life of the pipe is extended
  • The need for subsea riser replacement work is potentially eliminated
  • You save money

Our dynamic subsea riser repair system, Armadillo, delivers a permanent solution when the outer sheath has been damaged.

Modular in design, it is clamped around the flexible at the point of damage and filled with a repair gel supplied by our partners Aubin to form a protected area.

Armadillo can be constructed to bespoke lengths and diameters to encapsulate and seal the problem area – without compromising the continued operation of the riser.

Discover how FlexGellTM can tackle your I-Tube corrosion.

See Armadillo solve outer sheath breaches.

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