The problem

An operator had concerns about coating disbondment on two steel risers within a J-tube. Previously, the water injection riser had suffered catastrophic failure, and real concern existed about the integrity of the adjacent safety-critical gas-lift riser.

Our solution

Flexlife deployed 5,600 litres of FlexGel™ to displace a column of water from around the area of concern. FlexGel™ is immiscible in water and its specific gravity can be adjusted depending on the application. For this application the FlexGel™ was supplied with a lower specific gravity than that of seawater to displace water at MSL to prevent further oxygen ingress into the area of concern. The completion of the scope of work demonstrated that FlexGel™ can be remotely mixed onshore, delivered in appropriately selected containers, and successfully deployed into a J-tube using air driven double diaphragm pumps interconnected with hoses.

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