Riser life extension can be justified

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Original thinking: a key reason why we're a front runner in subsea flexible pipe engineering and technology. We're always assessing conventional industry practices, tools and techniques – and coming up with better ways to do things.

The result… proven alternatives that are making a difference for customers internationally.

Annulus testing innovation
Flexile pipe repair technologies
UT Scanning


Life extension solutions

Our products are among the best in the world which gives you peace of mind that a vital link in the production chain is sorted.

J-tube Corrosion MitigationScanning to Assess Riser IntegrityExtension of Field LifeFlexible Riser Outer Sheath RepairEnd Fitting Seal Ring Investigation



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As the global subsea specialist, we are not just serving the industry – we are shaping it through ongoing excellence and innovation. Here are some of the developments which are making a difference.


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Latest News

We are pleased to announce Richard Gibson has been appointed as BD Manager for Engineering, Delivery and Integrity Services in the UK/Europe Region. Richard will work part time and will...

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Flexlife are pleased to announce that we have been granted a European Patent for ‘Corrosion Protection of Pipes Suspended in Seawater', this Patent relates to the use of Flexlife’s FlexGel...

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SPE Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition held 8-11 September 2015 at AECC, Aberdeen is one of the world's largest technical conference and exhibitions for the offshore E&P industry with over...

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